STJ uses its deep capital markets experience to empower issuers

Our values are the foundation of our clients’ success. We share our values with our customers and maintain them throughout all our engagements.


We are a truly independent capital markets advisor, working only for our issuer and shareholder clients.  Our advice is always based on an evaluation of the best course of action to satisfy our client’s ultimate objectives; and to create “win-win” transactions where our client’s objectives are positioned in transactions that also produce successful outcomes for existing and new investors and the banks that execute them.


We are a firm of highly experienced capital markets professionals, with most partners having over 20 years of direct experience across all industries, geographies and products. We mobilise the wealth of this expertise to serve our clients, striving to ensure we deliver “best-in-class” service during every step in the preparation and execution of their capital markets transactions.


STJ’s unique proprietary technology is based on large volumes of quantitative and qualitative analytical data. Our recommendations are based upon our market knowledge, experience and professional expertise as supported by exact, specific and transparent market and investor-related data.  Throughout the process we make this data available to our clients, to empower them to make objective, fully-informed decisions.


STJ professionals have a commitment for continual innovation, to ensure the most appropriate and often bespoke capital markets tools are used to ensure the success of our clients. By constantly challenging standard capital markets processes, we improve market practice and many of today’s standards have been created by STJ's leadership.


This is one of the pillars of the success of STJ-managed transactions. We ensure that the execution of a capital markets transaction is run in a transparent way and that our client – the issuer and its shareholder(s) - have access to all relevant unfiltered information to make necessary decisions at the right time.


STJ strongly believes that in order to achieve ultimate success of a capital markets transaction, all participants must be fairly and reasonably motivated.  STJ establishes fair and quantifiable “rules of the game” at the very start of a transaction, and then monitors the performance of each participant throughout the process based on objective criteria. We strongly believe in the value of performance-based remuneration, and in fact a significant proportion of STJ revenues often come from discretionary success fees.  Our system allows clients to ensure that the credit for the success of a transaction can be given where it is due.

Expert advice to the most sophisticated issuers