Debt Advisory

Independence and expertise focused solely on our clients' best interests

STJ provides independent debt advisory services to companies and to financial and project sponsors looking to access the Public and Private Bond, Leveraged Finance and Project Finance markets in association with Marlborough Partners.

We believe the independent advisor model confers an advantage to our clients as it avoids conflicts surrounding product choice, debt provider or financing structure, enabling STJ professionals to think creatively in pursuit of optimal solutions in the best interests, solely, of our clients.

In the Bond market, for example, STJ works with Issuers to help them evaluate the trade-offs and nuances between various offering formats - whether to go Public or Private, for instance, Reg S or 144a. Whatever choice is made, we then leverage our long experience in the Bond and Private Placement markets in helping clients evaluate, select and optimise bank syndicate structures that ensure our clients' best interests are achieved and that the most effective Bookrunner incentivisations exist. We then work closely in the development of all offering and marketing materials, working alongside our clients to ensure the commercial terms of the transaction are correctly balanced between Issuers' and Investors' interests. In particular, we apply detailed Investor Mapping techniques to ensure that full transparency and control over the sales and syndication process is achieved and that outcomes for our clients are optimised.

In the Leveraged Finance markets our experienced advisors work with financial sponsors to help evaluate a range of financing structures and to provide bandwidth, as appropriate, in the negotiation and execution of the resulting financing plans.

Finally, in the Project Finance arena, our Project Advisory teams are able to provide product-neutral, independent advisory services that coordinate multiple liquidity sources - Banks, ECA's, Multilaterals, Public Bond and Private Placement markets - to structure complex financing solutions and to optimise liquidity and pricing.

“Our independence and focus on transparency helps ensure that all parties are moving forwards together as one - issuer, vendor, investor and the banks - for a 'win-win' result”

* Source: Acquisition International

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