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STJ has the depth of experience and proven track record to optimise your offering

An equity offering process is generally a “mission critical” process for a company, in a field where the company’s professionals may lack previous direct experience. Material value can be lost (or gained) and the entire process can be both costly and extremely time consuming.  STJ will greatly enhance management decision-making and also efficiency during an offering process. STJ works closely with the investment banks to provide additional and complementary independent services to help to achieve an optimal outcome on the transaction.

“A Picture Perfect Transaction.”

* Andrew Sukawaty, Chairman, Ziggo on the €925m Initial Public Offering, International Financing Review EMEA Equity Deal of the Year 2012

STJ combines a depth of equity experience from specialist capital markets professionals and applies proven proprietary techniques to empower our issuer clients, leading to more informed decision-making on the key issues in IPOs, rights issues and other equity and equity-linked transactions.

We better understand how the capital markets operate and specifically how the investment banks and investors work. STJ is the most experienced independent capital markets advisory firm in terms of number of former heads of major bank Capital Markets teams, number of years of deal experience of our principals and number of equity and equity-linked offerings managed by STJ professionals worldwide since the 1980s.

STJ has developed a range of specialised ECM techniques to increase deal transparency and control for issuers/ shareholders, to ensure that decision-makers have access to critical investor information throughout an offering process and to ensure a successful outcome. Data plays a key role in answering the key questions issuers face in an equity transaction. We apply proven STJ-techniques to deliver a bespoke advisory service that is tailored to the circumstances around each offering, recognising that every offering is unique.

STJ runs an exhaustive and impartial bank selection process, to ensure both the best combination of banks and to obtain the most comprehensive market assessment for a proposed offering.  We establish bank syndicates with the best expertise for the transaction and which can access the broadest possible investor coverage with the highest quality, most authoritative research.  Broad investor education, which minimises overlapping coverage of the largest investors, will both support an Initial Public Offering and, just as importantly, will drive the after-market performance once the shares are listed and trading.  Not all educated investors will enter an order for an IPO at the offering price, but an investor who understands the investment case and receives research is now aware of the company and hence is better placed to buy shares and support the company in the future.

Collating and analysing the huge amount of available market data on a daily basis during the process is important. Being independent, STJ can ensure issuers receive the “collective” market view on positioning, pricing and other key metrics. The result of this is an optimised price, a broad base of long-term investors and a stable and healthy aftermarket.

Best advice often means recommending difficult decisions (like delaying launch), but STJ always has the data to back-up better decision-making. 

“This is where the value of independent advice for equity offerings lies. We work for issuer clients, but above all else we work for a successful offering.”

* Source: Acquisition International

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