Every transaction is different, and STJ professionals have a passion for ensuring that our advice is precisely tailored to weave together our clients’ objectives with robust capital markets techniques and up to the minute knowledge of shifting markets. By constantly challenging standard capital markets processes we aim to improve execution for our clients and as a consequence many of today’s standards were innovated by STJ. Examples include early stage investor education, investor mapping, the competitive rights auction, competitive IPOs and comprehensive independent investor feedback analysis. We constantly strive to use our data intensive processes to provide our clients with a more accurate view of investors, and greater control of their transaction, than would otherwise be possible. 

“Capital markets never stay still, and STJ is committed to continual innovation, to ensure that it can always look at the interests of the offering and achieve a ‘win-win’ outcome, where investors are happy, investment banks are happy and issuers are happy.”

* Source: Acquisition International

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