Investor Relations Advisory

We use proven investor education techniques to broaden and deepen your shareholder base

STJ applies our proprietary and proven capital markets "investor mapping" and targeting technology to improve investor education for your company and create the highest sustainable stock price. This is accomplished through uncovering the unique relationship strengths of each banking franchise with specific investors and then executing a targeted 'investor capture' strategy. The STJ process consistently identifies the most likely buyers of your shares and ensures you control your investor engagement to create the broadest and deepest shareholder base.

Ensuring optimal share price performance creates long lasting partnerships with investors and maximises capital markets optionality.  This requires a level of expertise and understanding well in excess of traditional, 'off-the-shelf' Investor Relations services necessary to satisfy the needs of sell-side research providers and the high expectations of institutional investors.  Typical peer analysis and shareholder identification falls well short of an effective IR strategy.  Our proprietary internal database gives us an invaluable set of information that we utilise to vastly improve investor targeting.

Institutional Investors are spoiled for choice, with thousands of investment opportunities from which to choose.  Maintaining 'mindshare' with investors and shareholders remains a key driver of share price performance and improved capital markets reputation.  Paramount to this is a compelling equity story that resonates with investors over time.  The optimal shareholder base is only achieved through comprehensive and consistent interaction through a relationship-driven model driven by the most advanced proprietary investor mapping technology that STJ provides.  Issuers must understand and leverage the individual strengths of their research providers to help strengthen the links between the company and shareholders.

With a seasoned team of Equity and Debt Capital Markets, Equity Sales, Corporate Broking and Investor Relations professionals, STJ has unparalleled experience in understanding the needs of investors and issuers resulting in the most efficient, proactive approach to helping issuers achieve the highest sustainable stock price.

Expert advice to the most sophisticated issuers