Real Estate Advisory

STJ offers independent and joined up real estate financial advice focused solely on our client’s best interests.

Our specialist Real Estate Advisory team complements our wider debt and equity capital markets expertise to provide independent and informed advice to our clients on  

  • Debt and equity financing
  • Structured finance solutions
  • Restructuring solutions
  • Loan portfolio solutions
  • Private investment vehicles
  • Asset and SPV sales and acquisitions

The real estate team draws on its long experience of working in senior leadership roles both as advisor and principal in the UK and overseas. The team also benefits from extensive contacts in the real estate, financial services and relevant support industries including legal, tax, audit and brokerage. 

Our clients encompass those whose primary business is in the real estate sector, such as property companies and real estate fund managers, as well as those whose businesses involve high levels of exposure to the real estate sector including retailers, logistics companies and operators of hotels, care homes and pubs.

Debt and Equity Financing

The team offers advice on the full spectrum of real estate debt financing options including secured and unsecured, public and private as well as hybrid debt and equity products such as convertible bonds. 

Our equity advisory service offering includes STJ’s traditional areas of expertise in IPOs, secondary issuance, rights issuance and investor relations but also encompasses the establishment of private funds, partnerships and JVs and secondary market sales of interests in such vehicles (see Private Investment Vehicles below for further information).

Structured Finance Solutions

Real estate as an asset class lends itself to structured financing solutions. Our team has been at the forefront of the development and implementation of structured financing solutions and enjoys a long track record of successful execution.

Restructuring Solutions

Many borrowers continue to be impacted by borrowing commitments entered into before the financial crisis and of course lending and despite generally improved market conditions since the low points in 2009/2010 borrowing decisions since then have remained exposed to any adverse asset specific factors.  The need for objective real estate restructuring advice remains as high as ever.  Our team draws on extensive experience of solvent and insolvent restructuring and workouts to provide grounded and informed advice to our clients on options to mitigate losses.

Loan Portfolio Solutions

Many real estate lenders and legacy entities continue to hold significant portfolios of non-core real estate loans, often stressed or distressed in nature.  Our team combines deep knowledge and understanding of real estate, debt and equity markets to help clients develop and execute a wide range of innovative strategies for value maximisation and realisation.

Private Investment Vehicles

Real estate is different from other asset classes because it is capital intensive and requires the application of skilled asset and development management to create value. These qualities mean real estate is highly suitable for ownership in private funds, partnerships and joint ventures. 

Our team is behind the successful creation and operation of many successful structured vehicles. As a result we are ideally placed to help our clients navigate the many complex issues around resolution including control, governance, domicile, sharing of rewards, incentivisation, arrangement of debt, gearing limits, exit options, target investors and pricing.  

Asset and SPV Acquisitions and Sales

We provide independent advice on large or complex real estate transactions, often supplementing the input from real estate brokers and valuers.  From complex financial analysis to the negotiation of detailed transaction terms, we work seamlessly with in-house teams to provide valuable specialist advice.

For all enquiries regarding our Real Estate Advisory services please contact Michael Lindsay in the first instance at:
+44 (0)20 7871 2987
+44 (0)7768 615525

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