The STJ Difference

“The risk of loss of value for issuers from a poorly executed capital markets deal is significant

* Quote source: Acquisition International

STJ Advisors ensures value optimisation in capital markets transactions; applying relevant and specialist expertise and ensuring a transparent and smooth execution process which is complementary to the execution work of the investment banks.  We apply our advisory techniques to deliver “win-win” transactions – where issuers, investors and the investment banks running the transaction are all proud of the outcome. STJ captures more comprehensive market and investor information and then applies this data alongside expert advice to enable better issuer decision-making around the key points of a transaction. Fully transparent information in the hands of the issuer promotes increased issuer control of transactions, particularly in the crucial aspects of a capital markets transaction where significant value can be created or lost.

It is never too early to seek STJ’s advice – and often not too late!  We have added significant value in many cases where we have been appointed only days before launch.

“This is where the value of independent advice for equity offerings lies. We work for issuer clients, but above all else we work for a successful offering.”

* Source: Acquisition International

Expert advice to the most sophisticated issuers