Equity Linked Offerings

STJ provides our issuer clients with the expertise, tools, data and analysis needed to unlock value in this technical area of capital markets. 

Equity-linked securities derive value from the underlying listed shares of a company. STJ advises on all offer structures, each of which have their own “black box” which can be opaque and difficult to transact, so material value can be lost in the process. STJ applies its own valuation models, proprietary techniques, decades of experience and extensive historical data to empower issuer clients to make more informed decisions, to pick and choose the optimal equity-linked structure and ensure “best-in-class” execution.

Most issuers in these markets face acute information asymmetry, with market participants typically having better information and more knowledge about the products than issuers. STJ’s experienced equity-linked professionals are able to guide clients, starting with a matrix of the client’s objectives against the available capital markets products. Equity-linked markets offer the opportunity to be creative - to design bespoke solutions to complex financial issues in order to best tap pools of investor demand.

Badly structured, poorly executed equity-linked transactions have the potential to destroy shareholder value - a sharp decline in the share price around the time of the launch of equity-linked instruments is one such example. STJ provides totally independent, impartial and experienced advice to ensure value creation and avoid value loss.

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“A Picture Perfect Transaction.”

* Andrew Sukawaty, Chairman, Ziggo on the €925m Initial Public Offering, International Financing Review EMEA Equity Deal of the Year 2012

“This is where the value of independent advice for equity offerings lies. We work for issuer clients, but above all else we work for a successful offering.”

* Source: Acquisition International

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