Research Advisory

The STJ  “Research Advisory” group was established to help educate sponsors and corporate management teams on the key areas of focus for equity markets, highlighting areas they may want to consider to help position their business for maximum value. This includes detailed and tailored marketing material that will enable the management team to appeal to, and grab the attention of, a broad range of fund managers. This initiative will also help issuers navigate sweeping new regulations and rules (such as MiFID 2 and the new FCA IPO regulations in the UK).

The STJ team includes highly regarded ex-research analysts, to enhance your investor engagement including critical pre-IPO interactions. The importance of an effective early investor engagement program has never been more pronounced in order to set the stage for a successful IPO. Once listed, STJ applies its proprietary and proven capital markets investor mapping and targeting technology to strengthen your investor engagement. The STJ process will help develop the broadest and deepest shareholder base over the longer term.

Ensuring optimal share price performance creates long lasting partnerships with investors and maximises capital markets optionality. This requires a level of expertise and understanding well in excess of traditional, 'off-the-shelf' Investor Relations services necessary to satisfy the needs of sell-side research providers and the high expectations of institutional investors. Our proprietary STJ "ATLAS" investor database, gives us an invaluable set of information that we utilise to vastly improve investor targeting.

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