STJ advises a broad range of clients on their capital market activities


STJ’s aim is to provide the advice and tools to optimise the value selling shareholders can realise through the public markets, not just at the IPO but also through further sales of shares once listed. This often involves running a process alongside other exit alternatives e.g. dual track IPO with an M&A process. We provide clear independent advice to enable fully-informed decision making, such as how to educate the broadest possible investor base, optimise the offer structure and timing, and determine how much to sell and at what price. Our process will ensure that all banks in the syndicate match their promises with delivery. Our data-driven process also helps build consensus across multiple stakeholders.


Management - Company management is responsible for the construction and delivery of the process for multiple stakeholders and transitioning the company to a new or broader ownership group of public market investors. STJ provides valuable support and advice, for example in the collection and assessment of real transparent data overlaid with decades of deal experience to provide independent advice to ensure the success of any capital markets process. We will optimise management’s limited bandwidth to ensure a maximum return for your time and effort.

Board of Directors - We like to act for the company and its major shareholders so that all stakeholders have full transparency of data and a full audit trail supporting the transaction.


We often act for entrepreneurs that have built successful businesses and are looking to take the next step into the public markets. We will take your unique vision and align it to the needs and expectations of public market investors, working to ensure value creation is optimised.  We are ourselves a relatively new entrepreneurial team and are proud of the pioneering and unique capital markets business we have built here at STJ.


Governments face additional challenges when privatising assets, including a level of public scrutiny that makes well supported decision making critical. STJ’s senior team members have worked on almost every major privatisation offering completed over the past 30 years. STJ provides independent advice to design structures that will deliver desired objectives and provide data transparency and an audit trail to ensure capital markets meet these objectives. We have been advised that our processes meet the standard of the UK Audit Office and we are one of six firms that is a member of the UK Financial Investments Ltd.’s Capital Markets Adviser Panel.

“This is where the value of independent advice for equity offerings lies. We work for issuer clients, and above all else we work for a successful offering.”

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