Our advice addresses the two key issues in any public or private market engagement

Capital markets have structural and regulatory impediments that restrict issuers achieving optimal outcomes.

  • STJ's advice seeks to change this by impacting the key Qualitative and Quantitative aspects of a transaction.
  • Our tools ensure the best story is marketed to the widest investor group.
  • Our Strategic Research Advisory services, create a Company's well-positioned "Reason to Buy" for any private buyer or public market investor. By bringing "the market into the room", our advice enables companies to articulate a "market-ready" investment proposition.
  • Our Capital markets advisory services enable all banks/advisors to market this story to the widest and deepest buyer universe. This establishes a better auction for the issuer with greater investor demand and improved pricing.

Our transactions get better results. We change outcomes.

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STJ Corporate and Exit Advisory Services

STJ acts as overarching advisor for a Company and its stakeholders. Our best advice is agnostic as to outcome. We have no conflicts nor preferred transaction (M&A or IPO). We only want to achieve our client objectives. Our advice is totally independent.

As overarching advisor, we can sit across public and private tracks ensuring competition and best-practice.

Strategic Research Advisory

Our Strategic Research Advisory service is different, relevant and systematically changes outcomes for shareholders and management.

Our valuation and positioning advice is tailored by experienced former fund managers and top-rated research analysts.

Our positioning/valuation approach allows comparison against sector and broader comparables based on the investment characteristics. 

Equity Capital Markets Advisory

Our senior and committed team represents the deepest bench of Capital Markets experts globally.

Our proven track record exhibits a wide range of Equity Capital Markets and Private Sale transactions globally. 

Our specialist services cover the entire Equity Capital Markets spectrum.