Corporate & Exit Advisory

“Without STJ's advice in mid-March, which was contrary to the banks' indications, regarding both valuation and viability of the IPO, the M&A dialogue with DFDS would not have been restarted and a sale would not have been consummated at either the valuation or timing achieved.”

Selling Shareholder, U.N. Ro-Ro

No bank or advisor is best of breed for all exit alternatives without conflict.

Often a sale process involves more than one path, to ensure that you get the best result by tapping the most favourable alternative available. We are uniquely positioned to manage an exit process, ensuring best execution of the public market track and coordination between all tracks to ensure the best outcome.

As a holistic advisor, we do not face any internal conflicts between the private and public sale tracks and design a bespoke process to align and create the necessary competitive tension between various sale tracks and provide stakeholders with the greatest transparency to drive key decisions throughout the process.

Having STJ as your “best in class” ECM advisor will provide pricing and market transparency to inform and strengthen trade sale negotiations and optimise the final sale result.