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“The risk of loss of value for issuers from a poorly executed capital markets deal is significant“
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What we do

STJ combines a depth of market experience from specialist capital markets and research professionals and applies proven proprietary techniques to empower clients. This results in better informed decision-making and superior results in IPOs, follow on share offerings, capital increases, equity-linked transactions, multi-track sales processes and investor engagement programmes. We advise on market-based solutions across the capital structure, with our deep ECM and research resources supplemented by joint venture relationships with M&A/advisory firms in the US, Europe and Asia. We thrive on innovation, such as the development of the independent ECM advisory model in Japan where we have now advised on 7 offerings.

An equity offering process is generally “mission critical” for a management team and other stakeholders, in a field where the team often has limited or no previous direct experience. Material value can be lost (or gained) and the entire process can be both costly and extremely time consuming.  STJ will greatly enhance management decision-making and efficiency during all capital market activities.

Every share offering is an auction process, and the higher the quantity and quality of educated buyers, the better the results. We set in place the deal architecture and proven processes to maximise investor coverage, with a transparent execution process that harnesses the strength of each bank in the offering syndicate and maximises investor engagement.

While in most cases we design and execute an offering process from inception, we have on occasion been retained as late as immediately prior to launch and still added significant value.

The only mistake we made on our IPO was not hiring STJ Advisors before the lead bank, to gain their insights before the early decisions were taken” Private Equity Executive, European IPO Shareholder

Best Team + Best Technology = Best Results

  • Most experienced team of seasoned capital market professionals
  • Former top-ranked equity research analysts on the advisory team
  • Bespoke advice and solutions tailored to each situation
  • All stakeholders benefit from increased transparency and control
  • Optimal deal execution
  • Strong relationships with all bank ECM teams and other professional advisors
  • Unique investor insights with "Atlas" database
  • Transformational technology - established data-driven processes
  • Proven track record of success

STJ will ensure that you achieve the best result 

Expert advice to the most sophisticated issuers