Strategic Research Advisory

We established our Strategic Research Advisory group to address a growing market shortcoming caused by the increasing regulatory and economic pressures on bank research and sales teams.

Our team delivers a market view early into the planning process, and for listed companies has a track record of greatly enhancing a company’s investor engagement and share price, driven by the input of our formerly top-ranked equity research analysts.

Their work includes market-based “exit studies” to better assess the public market appetite and potential valuation for any planned divestments. This initiative also helps issuers navigate sweeping new regulations and rules (such as MiFID 2 and the new FCA IPO regulations in the UK).

The importance of an effective early investor engagement programme has never been more pronounced in order to set the stage for a successful IPO, and our research analysts can greatly enhance positioning and investor engagement during this critical process. STJ also applies its proprietary and proven capital markets investor mapping and targeting technology including its “Atlas” investor database to strengthen investor engagement.

The STJ process will help develop the broadest and deepest shareholder base over the longer term. Ensuring optimal share price performance creates long lasting partnerships with investors and maximises capital markets optionality.

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